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Miss Cakes Bakeshop

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As a result of discovering an unmet need, new possibilities, and the inquisitive quality of creating something essential and different, Miss Cakes Bakeshop was formed. Miss Cakes Bakeshop is an artisan bakeshop with roots in Abuja, Nigeria. It finds its place by delivering a carefully chosen menu of ethical items and a daily dose of cultural inspiration in a setting that fosters discussion about art and culture.

Our Founder

Hamsatu Wakawa

As a child, Hamsatu loved art. From playing around with watercolor to molding with clay and sketching with pencils, she was fascinated by anything artistic and created art wherever she could. A combination of this passion and her love for creating tasty foods birthed Miss Cakes – A bakeshop that makes beautiful foods that delight the eyes and taste buds alike.

Miss Cakes is a small bakeshop with three main hallmarks – distinct design, exceptional quality & unique tastes. With a focus on using abstract, contemporary, and realistic motifs to bring baked goods to life, Hamsatu and the Miss Cakes team keep raising the bar for cake design by creating beautiful, edible, decadent art pieces.

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